Check out what some of our previous campers and volunteers think of Higher Heights!

“It was through basketball that I was first introduced to the community of Christ. It is a joy to be on the other side welcoming those seeking community.”

Tony W.

“Going to Higher Heights was one of the most enjoyable moments because the friendly environment that surrounded the campers was so fun and made things so lively. Basketball as everyone knows, can be one of the most competitive games and so, Higher Heights made sure that the teams were fair and that everyone played by the rules so there were no discrepancies. As this will be my fourth and upcoming year at Higher Heights, I cannot believe how fast time has past and the amount of friends I have made and the amount of memories that I will carry on forever.”

Ricky C.

“Higher Heights combines two of the best things in one day: basketball and God. From the coaches to other campers, everyone is so supportive in helping each individual grow not only in their basketball skills, but in their faith in Christ. I loved Higher Heights as a camper and I really had so much fun and learned so much more there.”

Caleb T.

“I loved my experience volunteering at Higher Heights for 2 years because the campers brought me so much joy, and God was always so present throughout it all.”

Sharon C.

“Although I don’t play basketball, I joined Higher Heights as a volunteer where I loved spending time with all the kids and watching them grow in their faith.”

Shirley X.

“Every year Higher Heights offers an awesome experience as a coach to see development and growth in the young players not only in basketball but also in Christ. Every year I go back because new bonds are formed with players and coaches, and it’s a super positive environment to grow in.”

Christian C.

“Volunteering in and out of Higher Heights over the years has allowed me to witness what genuine community can look like. Solid relationships were built between volunteers as we struggled with early Saturday mornings, running drills in the sweaty gym, cheering all the campers on, and having conversations beyond our (lack of) knowledge int the game of basketball. Lasting relationships were built with campers as we worked together side by side to improve our game as a team, to give our all (which doesn’t necessarily mean having the best stats), and to see their openness to know who Jesus is and… continue again the following summer. :)”

Erin Y.

“As a camper, Higher Heights gave the opportunity to make a lot of new friends and have fun in a safe environment. I was surrounded by caring camp volunteers/personnel which heavily influenced me to become a volunteer as well. As a volunteer, Higher Heights still provided a wonderful environment to have fun, engage in activities and learn from fellow peers. I learned to become more responsible and to take care of others as well. I got many opportunities to explore as both a camper and volunteer.”

Ryan T.

“I love Higher Heights because everyone treats each other like family. No matter how competitive some games can get, at the end of the day, everyone is always helping out someone else. I also love seeing the older kids helping the younger kids score the basketball.”

Phil T.

“As both a camper and a volunteer, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a lot of new friends. It has allowed me to grow more mature as a person, become a better teammate, and take care of those around me.”

Paul K.