“Although I don’t play basketball, I joined Higher Heights as a volunteer where I loved spending time with all the kids and watching them grow in their faith.”


“I loved my experience volunteering at Higher Heights for 2 years because the campers brought me so much joy, and God was always so present throughout it all.”


“Higher Heights combines two of the best things in one day: basketball and God. From the coaches to other campers, everyone is so supportive in helping each individual grow not only in their basketball skills, but in their faith in Christ. I loved Higher Heights as a camper and I really had so much fun and learned so much more there.”


“Going to Higher Heights was one of the most enjoyable moments because the friendly environment that surrounded the campers was so fun and made things so lively. Basketball as everyone knows, can be one of the most competitive games and so, Higher Heights made sure that the teams were fair and that everyone played by the rules so there were no discrepancies. As this will be my fourth and upcoming year at Higher Heights, I cannot believe how fast time has past and the amount of friends I have made and the amount of memories that I will carry on forever.”


“It was through basketball that I was first introduced to the community of Christ. It is a joy to be on the other side welcoming those seeking community.”


“I’ve had the privilege of serving with Higher Heights for over a decade and it’s been great to see kids from all over NYC come and learn about how to play basketball, meet new friends and get to know who Jesus is. Every year I am encouraged by the energy and excitement in the coaches and campers as we seek to understand how important God is in our lives and to grow together as a community.”


“Volunteering for Higher Heights has been a great experience. Higher Heights has always been a fun and supportive atmosphere. I have been blessed by getting to know and grow as a team with the campers and other volunteers each year.”


“I joined Higher Heights in 2014 and remained a camper for 2 years where I formed bonds and competed against others. Then when I came back for a third year, I was told that I was too old so I just became a referee. You don’t need to be an avid Christian or a good basketball player to have fun here. Me gusta pollo.”


“Higher Heights, despite having to wake up a LOT earlier than need be on a saturday in the summer time, is a blessing to volunteer for. Seeing your kids grow over the summers in physicality and mentality is such a joy, knowing that you have impacted them in some way.”


“It’s a great way to connect with people while playing a sport you are passionate about in a wholesome setting.”